• About Us
    China Construction Integrated Building Co.,LTD specializes in integrated and modular construction, established under the circumstance of China State Construction vigorously developing industrialization of new-style const...
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    Our Products-Modular Building
    The modular building of China Construction Modular Housing Co., Ltd. integrates the steel structure technology and container element, and adopts the standard modulus design, with the steel structure as main support structure and the prefabricated lightweight composite material as maintenance structu...
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    Product Advantages
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    • 50%
      Construction time can be reduced by 50%
    • 70%
      Field labor can be reduced by 70%
    • 70%
      Saving 70%
    • 70%
      Water saving 70%
    • 85%
      Reduce construction waste by 85%
    • 95%
      Raw materials can be recycled 95%
    Application Fields
    The company’s product line is widely used in tourist, sports events, emergency rescue, industrial and mining ...
    Engineering Camp
    The non-permanent buildings (structures) and other facilities for construction, engineering, and construction or demolition of construction, or demolished with the progress of construction projects.
    Residential Villa
    Culture-oriented Travel
    Hotel Apartment
    Public Facility
    Creative Building
    Restaurant / Retail
    Sport Facility
    Our Services
    we is committed to new modular building and accessory product research and development design, production-manufacturing, logistics transportation, on-site installation, lease and sale, comprehensive s...
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